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  1. Mobile apps 

    1. How do I change HiTask notifications sound on my Android device?
    2. How to add hiTask Widget to your Android device home screen
    3. How to download Android App if access to Play Store is blocked?
  2. Notifications 

    1. What is App notification and Desktop notification?
    2. Is push notification sent when task is assigned?
    3. When are notifications sent?
  3. Security and safety 

    1. How does hiTask store and backup its data?
  4. Account and Settings 

    1. How do I change my account email address and password?
    2. I have enabled "Remember me," but don't get logged in automatically
    3. How do I delete my account?
    4. I can't remember my password, forgot my password, can't log in.
    5. "Remember Me" does not remember my sign in
  5. Email 

    1. I changed my email address and no longer receive notifications from hiTask
    2. How to email tasks to your hiTask account
    3. I am not receiving email from hiTask. What could be the problem?
    4. Send files by email to your hiTask account
    5. When I send files with Outlook they appear as file called winmail.dat
  6. Team Account 

    1. How does a Team account make my team more productive?
    2. What is the advantage of a Team Business account compared to a Personal account?
    3. How to add team members
    4. When I upgrade to a Team account, do my contacts join my Team automatically?
    5. How to delete a team member?
  7. Team Account Subscription 

    1. User licenses and subscriptions
    2. When I remove a user from my Team account do I get the license back?
    3. How many users can I have in a Business account?
    4. Do I need to buy a Team Business account for all of my users?
    5. Is there a Trial or Demo for Team account?
  8. Google Sync 

    1. I see the error message syncing with Google Calendar
    2. When I try to sync my Google calendar I am asked to create Google+ (Google Plus) profile. Can I avoid that?
  9. Purchasing Account Subscription 

    1. My Credit Card payment was declined. What can I do?
    2. What types of payment are accepted?
    3. How can I get the invoice for my hiTask subscription payment?
  10. Working With Tasks 

    1. Use Tags to categorize your tasks
    2. Group tasks in various ways
    3. Attaching files
    4. Organize tasks in hierarchies
    5. Completing and removing tasks
  11. File attachments 

    1. I am unable to attach file to assigned task
  12. Personal Free account 

    1. What do I get if upgrade to the Premium?
  13. Calendar Synchronization 

    1. How to Sync with Google Calendar
    2. Synchronize hiTask with calendar apps on your computer or mobile device
    3. How to add HiTask to Calendar on Mac OS X Lion or Mountain Lion or previous releases
    4. How to add HiTask to Calendar on Mac OS X Mavericks and later versions (Yosemite, El Capitan, etc.)
    5. How To Add hiTask to the calendar on a iOS device (iPhone, iPad)
  14. Collaborating with your team 

    1. Assigning tasks
    2. Sharing Tasks and Projects with your Team
    3. How can I assign a task to multiple participants
    4. What is the difference between sharing with "Complete/Assign" permission and assigning a task directly?
  15. Projects 

    1. How to create project templates
    2. How can I expand or collapse (minimize) all Projects or groups at once
    3. How to use a project as a template for other projects
  16. Data Import and Export 

    1. How do I import or add many tasks at the same time?
    2. Export your data to Google Calendar
  17. Reports and Printing 

    1. How do I Print a report?
    2. How to print out one single project
    3. I click Generate Report and nothing happens. What's wrong?
    4. Is there a report that show the amount of time spent on each task per assignee?
  18. Time and Progress Tracking 

    1. Using Time Tracking
    2. How can I track progress (percent complete) of a task
    3. Record time spent on a task using Timer
  19. All articles 

    1. New feature: Assign tasks to more than one person
    2. User licenses and subscriptions
    3. Use Tags to categorize your tasks
    4. Assigning tasks
    5. How does a Team account make my team more productive?
    75 articles 

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